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Baby Volcano Films was founded by Aaron Schillinger in 2012.

Aaron Schillinger

Aaron is a lover of the mundane magic found in the stories all around us.

He is most famous for being the great grandson of Frederick Schillinger, the brilliant engineer who drafted plans for the communications tower on top of the Empire State Building. Aaron has lived in NYC for 9 years and is still trying to match his great grandfather's greatness. After graduating from Tisch in 2005, Aaron worked at MTV and Sony Pictures Classics. He is currently a freelance Writer/Director/Video Editor at Baby Volcano Films. He has written numerous feature scripts, short films, documentary treatments, and even had a short story published in Penthouse. In his spare time he teaches film production to unruly children and trains to beat Dwight of Washington Sq Park in a game of chess to win back his five bucks.

Isabel Sandoval

Isabel Sandoval is a New York-based Filipino filmmaker. Her second feature film, "Apparition", won the Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (NetPAC) Award at the recently-concluded 2012 Hawaii International Film Festival after having its international premiere in competition at the 2012 Busan International Film Festival (New Currents category). U.S. trade magazine Variety gave "Apparition" a rave review: an "outstanding" sophomore feature that is "intelligently scripted" and "deeply moving". In July 2013, The Museum of Modern Art screened "Apparition" for a week as part of their ContemporAsian series.

Yuki Monestere

From the moment she edited her first movie project in the sixth grade, Yuki Monestere knew she wanted her future to be in the film industry. She moved from the Big Easy to the Big Apple in 2011 to attend NYU's Tisch School of the Arts for Film and TV. Recently graduated with a bachelor's degree, she is starting her journey up to the Oscars. Yuki is currently a Freelance Editor and Production Assistant at Baby Volcano Films.

Joeseph Flinders

Joe looks at the world and, like a cyborg fed on poetry, sees possibilites for motion graphics.

Joe has lived in NYC for 10 years and in just about every borough. He currently lives in Chelsea with a kooky 95 year old artist and his two yappy, loving dogs. He is currently a freelance Cinematographer/Special Effects Wiz at Baby Volcano Films. He has filmed numerous feature films, including Days Together which won "Best Narrative Feature" at the Virginia Film Festival.